Ugh! So I haven’t even looked at my blog in 10 DAYS! I have a goal to get at least 3 entries down a week but just haven’t successfully incorporated it into my daily routine as of yet. I also haven’t put up a fresh Midjourney Art of the Week yet. Bummer. So, today is a bit of catch up for me.

So, there really hasn’t been a lot going on for me right now. I have been working on a couple of side projects, freelance stuff. I’ve also been helping a friend of mine with a design project, but mainly my time has been consumed by my search for a fulltime gig. Aside from my whole family getting sick for a few days (no corona here, thankfully) and my mace feeling like I had a cinder block crammed into my sinuses, I have been here at the computer applying to anything development related. I’ve had a couple of take-home projects that I feel went well. I’ve had a few promising interviews and even a couple of decent 2nd interviews. So, maybe the title of this post isn’t completely accurate. My week overall has been one for opportunity and growth. I just need to put some importance on this new channel of expression that is my blog. I also decided it was better to lay in bed covered up and sneezing rather than sit at my easel and do my weekend painting last week. Probably for the better though. Not sure it would have come out as expected.

Bleh, anyway. I am feeling better. I am optimistic about my job search. I am learning quite a bit as I go through these interviews and challenges. I am learning a lot about design from my side project as well. I have my painting already sketched out for this weekend and I am going to spend a few hours looking into this whole tRPC thing. I know it’s been out a while, but it’s new to me so I’ll check it out, play around with it, and probably throw it into my next post.

Again, I apologize. To you readers, to myself, and to my new friend Blog here. I will do my best to not let you down in the future. I will try and keep in touch more often.

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