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Weekend Painting 2

This week’s painting was for my wife. It was a fun little project that I figured she would get a kick out of. A little backstory here on the subject matter: My wife had never heard of the Cow-UFO phenomenon. I think I had mentioned, a time or two, something about UFOs coming down and killing and kidnapping cattle. I told her about it being on Southpark, Men in Black, and Mars Attacks. Soon we would be seeing it pop up all over the place and she couldn’t believe she’d never heard of it. Needless to say, she is a fan of it all. I even bought her a little toy alien that beams up a tiny cow. His ship has flashing lights and emits an eerie UFO swirly hum that is straight out of Mars Attacks. I love it. Great desk toy.

So, yeah. I decided to give her something fun she could look at. Something funny that would brighten her day any time she walked by. The concept seemed simple, but as I’ve said, I have been a bit out of practice so this one quickly became a frustrating puzzle and I had to think a few things through. This is the second painting that I have done with this new kind of ‘comic strip’ feel. The solid colors and bold black outlines led me to believe that this style would be easy to achieve with my acrylics. Eh, not really. Though I feel comfortable laying these out on paper with pen and markers, or even my tablet, it just doesn’t seem to translate well with paint. At least not for me. So, my painting next week will be more shading, blending and less of the bold outlines. I will say though, I really like how this came out. Overall, it was fun to do, it brightens the room, and the appreciation on my wife’s face warmed my soul. Success!

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