weekend painting

So, this past weekend, I stepped away from all of the development, blogging, and interviewing and got back to my roots. I decided I am going to try and get more consistent with my drawing and painting. I am going to try and complete a new painting every weekend if I can. I’m not sure how that is going to tie into my resolution to try and pick up on my disc golf game but we shall see. Never enough time, is there?

This weekend, I decided to paint the kid from my contact page. It was an image I created in Midjourney specifically for my blog and I just liked the overall feel to it. I decided it would look cool on my wall, so yeah…just made it happen. It’s what Manifest is all about, right?

I hadn’t painted in a while, really since we moved into our new house over 3 months ago!?!? Jeesh. So, yeah, had to get the feel of it again. Mapped it out on a canvas first. Think I am going to have to reduce the size of my canvases if I am going to try and complete these things in one day. But yeah, here, I mapped it out and once the basic structure was on the canvas, I started to feel a lot more confident moving forward.

OK, so not that confident once I got deeper into it. Mixing was overwhelming, keeping my hand steady for the lines was nearly impossible, and I wasted more paint than I’d have liked, but in the end, I think it came out pretty good!

As I said before, I do think I will have to reduce the sizes to keep up with my goal. I do have 2 more planned that are still a bit large, but after those, I’ll bring them down to manageable sized pieces. Anyway, thanks for checking this one out. I’ll have a new one next week. Oh, and I apologize for being late on the Midjourney Weekly art being late. Still getting this whole new routine down as well as prepping for jobs and interviewing and eh….yeah, no excuses. I’ll do better.

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