What do i write about?

So, I started this blog. I initially created it just to work on my development skills. I’ve pretty much got the site where I want and am comfortable with the functionality and overall look. Of course, I suspect I will be making changes constantly as things move along, but for now, the focus isn’t so much on the development side, as it is on the content.

What the hell do I write about?

I don’t mean that I don’t have anything to say, I really do not know which direction I am going to take this project. I have a lot of interest in Web Development right now. This surely is because of my exhaustive search for employment as a developer. I enjoy talking about technologies and code and UX/UI and blah, blah, blah. But do I want to base my whole blog on that? I feel like now that I have a platform to express myself, I shouldn’t restrict myself to this one topic alone. There is so much more to who I am. Movies, Music, Books, Writing, Disc Golf…I could designate a whole separate blog for each of these. And those are just my interests, there is also the life that I live as a father, a husband, a diabetic, a conflicted artist. Whew. Now, of course, I’m rambling.

I think today’s post is one of the more personal ones that I will share. An insight into where I am at on this part of my journey. I know that as I grow, as a blogger, I will find my groove and this will get easier. For now, I guess I should get to know the ‘Categories’ feature a little more and really make a decision on what kind of blog I really want this to be. At least determine a general direction, right?

To all the other bloggers out there, is this a problem that everyone faces when starting out? I am determined, so I’ll do some more research. Comments are always welcome. Thanks for hearing me out.

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